Friday, May 6, 2011

Herpes Simplex Causes Both Genital Sores and Mouth Sores

Do you believe gladiotorum herpes? No, this is not another form of herpes. This is the same herpes simplex May that give you a cold sore, or worse, you plagued with painful genital herpes. Apparently so common among wrestlers, they have their own name for it. This is because the go, close to the wrestlers during the match and the ease with which the virus is transmitted. virus from a cold sore on the wrestlers can enter a cut or a mat burn on the body of the other players.
It causes sores and genital sores in the mouth (often called fever blisters or cold sores). What is important to understand that are interchangeable. Open sores in the mouth can be transmitted to the genitals. Therefore, genital herpes is not always sexually transmitted, and that it is called venereal disease would be incorrect.
The fact is, during the primary, or first attack of herpes simplex infected person can spread the disease to other pats of the body, from his mouth, for example, their eyes, hands or genitals. interesting statistics illustrate this. 88 According to the book, Scientific American medicine, genital herpes was found in three percent of the nuns.

Kissing is the most obvious means of transmission of cold sores, but not the only one. A mouth is not just an area that can be infected. Doctors and dentists can get herpes from a low (herpes simplex infection of the fingers), from contact with infected saliva of the patients.
When doctors talk about herpes simplex herpes simplex 1 vs 2, they did not distinguish between two different viruses, they have identified the parts of the body manifests, Herpes simplex 1 cold sore, and herpes simplex 2 is genital herpes.
The bad news is that once you are infected with it, it is embedded in your DNA, and can not be cured. You do not know a chicken, how long and how bad the outbreak will happen. The key is to prevent epidemics. The good news is that scientists have identified a nutrient that can prevent the virus and prevent it from infectious causes sores.


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